St. Stephan Basilica

st-stephen-basilica-7Beautiful pictures. Wonderful city!

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Our last day in Budapest we are waiting for an evening flight back to Doha and a whole day to kill, we decided to visit St. Stephan Basilica, the largest church in Budapest which  can hold up to 8,500 people.

To enter the church is free, but they appreciate donations and without that the priest who opens the big door to go into the main hall will not open it, and that’s the practice.

When we were there, I thought we had to queue to go in, but actually we were just waiting for a group of tourists struggling to find the ‘charity’ money to get inside. As we wave a € 20.- note, quickly we got in to the main hall of the church ahead of the other tourists who was still thinking of how much money they should give away to the church.

Once inside, the basilica was…

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