Hungary for Budapest

Every Day I'm Brusselin'

I’m sure this is the most overdone, overused, and tired line used for Hungary and/or Budapest but whatever. Budapest was simply amazing. I know I’ve been saying that about every place I go but Budapest was on a whole different level. I don’t even know where to begin because I had such a good time.

The trip started out a little dramatic and a little stressful. My friend Justine and I flew out on Thursday, a few days before our other three friends did, and we were left to figure out how to get to the airport on our own. This may seem like it’s pretty simple but it’s kind of confusing to get to Charleroi (the airport we had to fly out of). There are multiple metros, busses, taxis, and shuttles involved. Not to mention that we were leaving right when a huge protest of 15,000+ people was making…

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